3 Day Cleanse

3 Day Cleanse

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Samantha Eldridge and Bliss Juicery is a venture I started with my mom a few months ago while still working in corporate finance. Nutrition and healthy eating have always been a passion of mine and this was one of the many reasons for us starting Bliss Juicery, plus the added benefit of having our juice detox on hand.

I have been wanting to do our juice cleanse again and do a little write up on it since getting back from December holidays but just haven’t found the time.. So after a weekend away in the Midlands for a friend’s wedding and copious amounts of wine later I decided now is a better time than ever.

That, and something someone said to me at the wedding… In a conversation with two girls that have done my cleanse before and another girl who hadn’t, we started off with the usual comparing of “Oh, day one was my easiest”, “no ways day one I was so hungry”, “I only got a headache on the second day” and “day three was my best because you knew you were eating again the next day.”

It wasn’t until we got to the nitty gritty of who had diarrhoea when etc. that I piped up that I actually sometimes get slightly constipated while doing the cleanse and that normally on day two I actually feel a bit foggy and low on energy. The girl who hadn’t done it before couldn’t believe the things I was saying. She suggested said surely I should be trying to promote my product not talk it down. But I explained to her that I wasn’t trying to do that at all I was just giving an honest portal of the experience and be it the odd headache or bout of diarrhoea, our bodies all respond differently to three days of just juices and I think it is important for people to know that.

Our bodies are unique and thus have a unique way of detoxing and expelling toxins. We all eat differently, drink different amounts of coffee each day and do a different amount of physical activity each day. This of course effects how you feel during the cleanse. So over a glass of wine at the wedding I decided I needed to do my 3-day cleanse again, and give you guys a write up on my experience, drink by drink.

Last day before cleanse

Easing into your cleanse is as important as easing out of it. Three days before you start we advise you to start cutting back on caffeine, dairy and alcohol. However, as I ate so badly over the weekend eating healthy the day before starting my cleanse seemed impossible. I was very much craving sugar and my glass of wine. So, I’m afraid to say the night before starting my cleanse I had a glass of wine… Ssssh! As they say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Day one

6:00am – I woke up looking forward to my normal cup of coffee before getting to the shop at 6:45am to pack deliveries, only to remember that today was the day I was starting my cleanse. Not disappointed but more excited to start and get back on track with my eating.

7:50am – My first drink, Chai Almond Milk. It was delicious – Ok I can do this I thought.

10:00am – Drink No. 2 – The first greens for the day. Greens 1 – Spinach, courgette, broccoli, fennel, apple & lemon. I won’t lie, I was dreading this a bit and wanted to rather have a cappuccino but I had it and actually really enjoyed it.

12:00pm – Starting to feel a bit foggy, not thinking clearly at all – my body must have loads of detoxing to do from the weekend.

1:00pm – Lunch time. Thank goodness because I’m starving!!! Beetroot, pear and cucumber… I love this… It’s delicious and super filling! Perfect for lunch time.

3:00pm – My stomach is starting to get a bit bloated, probably my body working through all the toxins it’s trying to expel.

4:00pm – Starting to crave something sweet. The afternoon drink with pineapple, cucumber and coconut is perfect and satisfies my sweet craving for now.

6:00pm – Last greens of the day – Doesn’t go down easily, I only manage three quarters of it. I think my body started getting used to the bread, sausage and cheese over the weekend. Needless to say fruits and veg were not a huge feature this weekend.

6:30pm – Off to a friend’s house warming, It’s going to be tough to turning down that glass of wine. I get there and there are snacks galore. Samosas, meat balls and chips. I start to get hungry but stick to The Cleanse and have some of the cucumber instead, no dip (which is allowed as we do advise having an apple or cucumber if you are really hungry.)

8:00pm – Home by 8pm. I have my tasty, chocolatey cacao almond milk and I’m off to bed. I’m exhausted.

Day two

Day two was much easier, I wasn’t as hungry and I didn’t feel foggy at all. I started to get a slight headache mid-morning but had my mid-morning greens and felt absolutely fine. That reminds me how super important it is to space your drinks out properly, thus keeping your sugar levels fairly constant during The Cleanse. I do have a confession to make though. When I go home at the end of the day I did have an apple, but definitely needed it. That evening I have an early night again and slept fantastically, The Cleanse can take it out of you.

Day three

Last day! Almost there! Feeling strong but looking forward to food the next day. Same as day two I start to get a slight headache before lunch but I just have a glass of water and my lunch time drink – Back on track! The rest of the day is easy and I am feeling great. Looking forward to waking up refreshed and to get back into healthy eating.

Day after the cleanse

I wake up feeling less bloated, fresher, lighter and full of energy (I don’t even think of my usual morning coffee.)

And as much as I was looking forward to eating again I actually end up having a smoothie for breakfast, which I was craving. Just shows that your body does guide you as to what it needs, you just need to listen to it. As I mentioned before, easing out of The Cleanse is as important as easing in to it. It is important to not eat anything too rich over the next few days as your stomach will still be sensitive.

And now for the big question. Do you lose weight from The Cleanse? I always say that The Cleanse should be seen from a health perspective, to flush out any toxins and to leave you feeling energised and a lot lighter, any weight loss is a bonus. Having said that I did lose 1.6kg’s, 1kg of which I had put on over my weekend away ???? Nonetheless, I am happy to be back on track and am thinking of doing a one day cleanse next month as a refresher. Happiness is!! xx

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