Bliss Juicery Brings Cold-Pressed Juices to Jozi

Bliss Juicery Brings Cold-Pressed Juices to Jozi


Want all the benefits of juicing with none of the grind? That’s where Bliss Juicery comes in, making juicing convenient for Jo’burg’s thirsty.

Juicing is the latest wellness buzzword, with the health-conscious taking to social media to show off their vitamin-packed, energy-boosting, not-to-mention-damned-delicious drinks of the day. But the effort, equipment and sheer quantity of fruit and vegetables needed to juice often deters people.

Enter Samantha Eldridge, the owner of Bliss Juicery in Craighall, Johannesburg. Having always been passionate about health and nutrition, Samantha started making juices at home. “I was working in finance at the time, but did juicing on the side and it was getting a good response,” she says. In January 2015, Samantha opened up the doors of Bliss Juicery – and it’s quickly becoming a Jozi favourite sip spot.

Samantha researched juicing and worked with a nutritionist to ensure that her juices would provide customers with the nutrients they need. Bliss Juicery offers cold-pressed juices, which are freshly squeezed every morning and bottled. When refrigerated, the juices can last for up to three days.

Bliss currently stocks 16 different types of juice and one seasonal juice. This allows customers a wide variety of healthy and tasty options to choose from. With winter around the corner, Samantha says they’ll have a citrus juice as their seasonal juice.

Bliss Juicery also offers clients the opportunity to do detoxing juice cleanses that are pre-packaged for convenience. “We have different cleanses, including one for beginners and one for the more advanced. Bliss provides you with all the juices you’ll need for that period – whether it’s one, three or five days,” Samantha explains. She recommends doing a cleanse only once every three to four months because they are quite intense on the body.

For those who live around Jo’burg, you can arrange with Bliss Juicery to have your juices delivered to your doorstep.


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