I’m Going Juicing

I’m Going Juicing

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Monday folks, Monday is the day. 18 juices will arrive at my door first thing in the morning, and I’ll kick off my three day juice detox with Vanilla Almond Milk that’s been carefully sweetened with dates. The menu also includes uber healthy green juices, a carrot and beetroot combo and a tropical version to sweeten things up for a mid-afternoon pick me up. I’ll let you know step-by-step what I think and how I feel.

Having heard about the  programme from a friend, I approached the lovely Samantha Eldridge from Bliss Juicery earlier this week and said could I do one of her detoxes and document the process on my blog, and she was in like flynn, and so here we are. You’re welcome to jump right on the bandwagon and join me if you like. (If you live in Joburg.) Just contact Sam via the details liested below and you can place your order alongside mine. In fact, there’s currently a 10% off special offer going on.

ALSO, you can win a FREE January Juice Detox for yourself and a friend if you visit the Bliss Juicery Facebook page and let us know when she is opening her brand new store at The Colony Centre in Craighall Park. Just leave your answer in the comments section below.

A Little More Info on Juicing
Read this – 10 Commandments of a Juice Cleanse by MindBodyGreen

If you plan on embarking on anything longer than a 3 day juice detox, I would suggest consulting a health professional. I am not a qualified health professional so any information given here, unless independently sourced, is my own opinion and experience and should not be taken as professional health advice. Also read this.

More about Bliss Juicery
Our tasty cold-pressed juices are designed to give you a delicious and nutritious selection of juices to help you take the work out of juicing. Try our 3-day or 5-day cleanse program or even an individual juice to look and feel your best. Each of our cleanses consist of 6 x 500ml cold-pressed juices per day.

Every juice we make is 100% natural with no added sugars, preservatives, flavourants or colourants. The juices are made with the freshest ingredients possible, which are gently cold-pressed to retain the essential enzymes and nutrients.

The cold-pressed method ensures that vitamins, minerals and enzymes are not damaged. This method of extraction is by far the best, providing a much higher yield of nutrients than the more common centrifugal method.

We deliver throughout Joburg. You can choose to start your cleanse on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. Delivery of your juices will the morning that you start your cleanse before 9:30am.

Our juice cleanse programs were designed with the help of Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Advisor Sarah Hough – Check her out at the www.thegreenzucchini.com


I have not been paid to do this write-up or document the juice detox process, however Samantha has kindly sponsored the juices for me.


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