Our juice cleanses got a mini makeover…

Our juice cleanses got a mini makeover…

Even though we are only half way through the second month of the year that December holiday feels like it was so darn long ago. I am sure most of you would agree that you are almost ready for another break already. Although we can’t promise a beach holiday on the horizon anytime soon they do say change is as good as a holiday.

We are happy to announce that we have given our juice cleanses a mini makeover.

The feedback that we have gotten is that 6 juices per day can be a bit too much to get through sometimes so we have decided to replace one of the juices and enhance the detox effects of our cleanse by incorporating an Antioxidant shot as well as a detox tea instead. Each of our cleanses: Beginner’s, Most Popular and our Advanced will now consist of the below per day:

5 x 500ml cold-pressed juices
1 x antioxidant shot
1 x detox tea

The antioxidant shot is a punchy pomegrante and ginger shot to be taken when you feel like that extra boost during the day and for the detox tea we have teamed up with a local teatox company,


Although it isn’t quite sipping cocktails by the pool #decemberdreaming, our new 1-day or 3-day juice cleanse might be just what you need to get you back on track. And with the added antioxidant shot as well as detox tea our new juice cleanses will definitely kick your ass into gear xx

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